I design and build digital products for the small screen first.

The screen has become ubiquitous in our world, and is shaping our future environment. As we spend more time interacting across a diverse range of digital devices, what goes on those screens becomes even more important. We are shaping the world we want to live in.

Interaction Design

I am an interaction designer who strives to create delightful interfaces.

Interactive products must be usable, but I thrive on delving into the small details and producing something that is not only well researched, well planned and delightful to use, but a solution that is rooted in consideration of the real human user.

Substantial - Seattle

I work at Substantial – a next–level–shit creative technology firm.

I spend my days melding UX, interaction design, development, and agile process into product magic. We work with brands like Amazon, Ideo, Haworth, and Google. Prior to this I ran Modular, a small design studio that made websites for the mobile internet age. During that time we worked with EMI Records and University of Chicago, among others.

Old Fashioned cocktail

Make mine an Old Fashioned with Makers Mark, no fruit.

Thank you – that’s very kind.